Avery Dennison’s
Brand Partnerships Program

To enrich thinking,
to co-create, to innovate.

We believe in the power of collaboration to spark innovation and drive sustainability forward. That’s why we continuously partner with influential designers and brands who share this vision as well as our commitment to safeguarding the welfare of people and the environment. Collaboration provides us with the opportunity to discover new ways to employ our groundbreaking solutions, gain meaningful industry insights and deliver these innovations directly to our customers at scale.

Our Goals

SUPPORT emerging designers and brands who are bringing greater innovation and sustainability to the apparel and footwear industry.


CO-CREATE exciting showcases of Avery Dennison solutions via creative projects in partnership with carefully selected partners that ultimately will help us to promote collaboration and innovation on a global scale.


INNOVATE new solutions in answer to industry needs and challenges, using the partnerships as a platform to gather industry insights and help to further drive sustainable branding solutions.


COMMUNICATE our collaborations to raise further awareness for these groundbreaking brands and designers doing such pioneering work.


Discover our current partners and recent projects below.  



Inspiring Teams & Supporting Dreams

For refugees, sport is much more than a leisure activity. It’s a way to cope and connect in challenging circumstances. That’s why Avery Dennison joined forces with the Klabu Foundation to create a sustainable sports club in Kenya. The Foundation funds new sports facilities, buys equipment and trains local sports managers. Avery Dennison were proud to pitch in, supplying embellishments, hangtags and packaging for the Klabu kit that’s worn by the staff, managers and players.



Spreading the Love of the Game

For Veniceball the name says it all. Venice beach is a legendary hub for outdoor basketball. Veniceball originally united the best hoopers from around Los Angeles but it has now turned into a global movement. Alongside their signature summer league they host vibrant events all over the world to spread the love of basketball. Their groundbreaking HOOPBUSTM launched in 2020 and is already iconic, hitting the road with their teams of world class hoopers, artists, and content creators on epic, cross-country tours; hooping, inspiring, and spreading the love of the game everywhere they go!


Rescue, Reuse, Reimagine

The R Collective is a social impact upcycled fashion brand with a mission to create beautiful clothes using waste materials. It was born from Redress, the pioneering Hong Kong based charity working since 2007 to reduce waste in fashion. The collections are created by rescuing the fashion industry’s excess materials, which were destined for landfill, incineration or downcycling. The R Collective seeks to unite innovative design with responsible manufacturing and labelling to reduce climate impact and clean up consumer care habits. As a result, our partnership with The R Collective is focused on intelligent labelling, engaging consumer care campaigns and sustainable core branding.



Traditional Meets Experimental Denim

Avery Dennison is proud to partner with one of the denim industries most innovative denim leaders, Japanese brand, FDMTL. Gaku Tsuyoshi, brand founder and creative director, blends traditional denim techniques with innovative, new technologies to create unique indigo ranges. The brand is based out of Tokyo with their own store based in the trendy Ebisu area. FDMTL stocks it’s own ranges of limited edition pieces as well as various collaborations with brands such as Vans, Masterpiece, ASICs and New Era, just to name a few, making the store a destination for denim-heads. Our ongoing partnership with FDMTL focuses on pushing the boundaries of originative fabric design and exploring new forms of craftsmanship through our external embellishments.



Their Motto: Inspire to be Inspired

Art Comes First [ACF] is a consultancy collective of designers, tailors, photographers, art directors, musicians & rebels. Founded by Sam Lambert and Shaka Maidoh, former Savile Row tailors, the duo seek to provide creative nourishment and inspiration through dynamic collaborations in art and fashion. Their expert understanding of the magnetism that intrinsically binds art and fashion comes directly from their clear admiration of the history of craftsmanship and a deep seated respect for the future. Through our partnership with Art Comes First we explore branding innovation through a series of collections and events - aspiring to tell powerful stories whilst blending together the worlds of fashion and art.


Progressive and Intelligent Design Solutions, Without Compromise.

ATID is the creation of Alexander Taylor Studio, a design and innovation consultancy based in London. It is a platform for the studio to present its latest concepts and products; the most progressive and intelligent design solutions, without compromise. Each ATID product is designed in London, then developed and upscaled in collaboration with industry-leading factories, labs and material specialists. The design process is centred around ways in which factory and designer, as well as industry and aesthetic, can collaborate to create new ways of problem-solving. ATID pieces are exclusive and limited in number by their very nature. Whether they are made from leftover material from a partner factory, knitted in a new bio-yarn only available in a limited quantity, handcrafted in collaboration with their partner atelier in Paris or because they are exposing alternative system solutions.

Past Partnerships

Astrid Anderson

Christopher Raeburn

Hiut Denim Co

Meet the Team

“Collaboration enables all partners to push the boundaries of creation and design. It enables us to prioritize innovation, explore new product solutions and formulate truly unique concepts. Ultimately, our partnerships advance our goals, to make progressive change within our industry and act as a force for good.”

Aysha Oliver, Senior Brand Development Specialist

“The value we place on creativity and collaboration through the Brand Partnerships Program allows for unique and special relationships to form with our partners. It’s a symbiotic relationship where everyone benefits from shared passions and goals. By enriching our thinking, co-creating experiences and innovating new solutions for the industry we get to make a positive change together, and together is without double the best way to make a real difference.”

Izzy Joly, Senior Brand Partnerships Specialist