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The Future of Connected
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Digitize and connect your products with Janela™.

Avery Dennison’s Janela™ solution, powered by the EVRYTHNG Smart Products Platform, enables apparel and footwear products to have a unique, serialized label, which then connects to EVRYTHNG’s IoT cloud-based software. That means every Janela™ product is ‘born’ digital with the ability to capture real-time data, enhance consumer experiences, and make the manufacturing and selling of products more efficient and intelligent.

Over three years, Avery Dennison will digitize a minimum of 10 billion apparel products for some of the world’s leading brand and retailers, enabling personalized and relevant consumer experiences.

See how Janela™ powered by EVRYTHNG works.


Introducing: DEQ, Digital Emotional Intelligence

DEQ is a framework for applying real-time data from smart, connected devices, products, and environments to build deeper, more emotionally intelligent connections with customers.

The Making of The Rochambeau BRIGHT BMBR

Learn how the partnership between EVRYTHNG, Avery Dennison, Rochambeau and The New Stand led to the BRIGHT BMBR smart jacket that comes with exclusive digital experiences and personalized content.

RBIS + Rochambeau: Smart Digital Jackets

We collaborated with recent CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist, Rochambeau to create the BRIGHT BMBR’ connected jacket featuring by our Janela™ solution, powered by the EVRYTHNG Smart Products Platform. Rochambeau produced 15 of these #BornDigital jackets, each one uniquely numbered and designed to unlock exclusive experiences at select New York City restaurant, gallery, nightclub, retail, and fashion destinations. 



TEDx Talk: Fashion and Technology

From the virtual closet featured in 'Clueless' to the birth of Avery Dennison's Janela™ solution, powered by the EVRYTHNG Smart Products Platform, there's no question that fashion and technology are more linked now than ever. 

How Does It Work?

Fashion retail store window

Imagine a consumer sees a pair of jeans they like in store, and before buying them uses their mobile device to scan the unique digital ID found on the product tag or label. They can now read reviews, find true-to-size ratings, and access styling tips.

After purchasing the jeans, the customer can register the product, gain loyalty points, hear about other relevant products, and receive brand or retailer-specified content tailored to their personal preferences, all with just one scan. Customers can also submit reviews or post to their Instagram account for additional incentives. Our JanelaTM solution, powered by the EVRYTHNG Smart Products Platform, tracks each of these consumer interactions to provide brand and retail partners with valuable data and analytics.

Female hand holding a mobile phone scanning a smart ticket
Woman interacting with mobile phone and the smart product platform

Valuable insights fuel personalized digital experiences. Capturing real-time data and consumer insights for every product, from manufacturing to end-of-life, is a powerful tool. But the real value of the Janela™ powered by EVRYTHNG connected ecosystem is how brands manage and apply that information to transform their marketing efforts, allowing them to fully expand capabilities, enhance supply chain performance, and increase customer acquisition and engagement.

What this Technology Means to
Brands and Consumers

As more digitized products enter the market, consumers will begin interacting with those products in new and exciting ways. Janela™ powered by EVRYTHNG gives brands a platform to tell their story, share information like where a product is made and who made it, and offer engaging and relevant content that consumers will want to pay attention to. It’s also a powerful promotional tool through which brands can offer points, discounts, and other incentives to build customer loyalty.

Benefits of Janela™
solution, powered by the EVRYTHNG Smart Products Platform:


  • Drive targeted marketing campaigns
  • Provide product registration
  • Offer points and rewards
  • Capture consumer data
  • Customize mobile content and drive ongoing engagement
  • Enable returns and reorders
  • Promote new products and discounts
  • Enable brand protection/product authentication


  • Read product reviews in-store
  • Share feedback on social media
  • Shop and find sizes from their fitting room
  • Register purchases on smartphone
  • Access styling recommendations and other digital content
  • View content and care information
  • Earn loyalty rewards

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